Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd.


Services Offered

Flower Petal Showering :
Make any occasion memorable let the soft petals shower upon you and your guests from the Heavens. We ensure on time and on spot flower petal showering by our aircraft. Apart from the descending petals, the spectacle of an aircraft coming in to drop the flowers is very exciting to watch.

Leaflet Dropping :
One of the best way to advertise. Choose the right occasion to make maximum impact by having the leaflets descend in large numbers and over considerable area. Here also, the site and sound of aircraft coming in to release the leaflets ensures attention of the target audience to get the maximum publicity.

Air Charters :
Currently we provide charters on our 4 seat aircraft (1 Pilot and 3 passengers) to get you to your destination in style and minimum time. All our aircraft, piloted by experienced professionals, are capable of short haul charters at very nominal cost.

Joy Rides :
Enjoy the thrill of being airborne with your friends and loved ones, and see the landscape passing beneath you slowly. It is an experience which you would never get in any other airplane, as you are sitting right next to the Pilot and can observe how the airplane is flown.